Our Story

Why recruitment matters:

Public health depends on good regulatory practice. 

Good regulatory practice is powered by a competent global workforce.

That’s where we come in.

Our mission is to put the right people in a position to make a difference. To do that, we identify, attract, and evaluate the top regulatory talent across the Life Sciences industry.

How it started:

After many years in the recruitment industry, one thing became very clear. Regulatory Affairs professionals need more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recruitment.

So, we created an agency that focuses solely on Regulatory Affairs professionals.

What we do:

We cover The US market and utilize our extensive
experience placing Regulatory Professionals with some of the most innovative companies.

We have expertise in Regulatory Affairs and a strong reputation for being approachable, ethical and knowledgeable.

Why we are proud of what we do: 

The Regulatory Affairs profession helps make safe and
effective healthcare products available worldwide. We are proud to work with the individuals who are involved in every step of the life-cycle of a drug, from development right through to commercialization.

Whether in Pharma, Biotech or CRO we do
everything we can to make sure the right people are in a position to make a difference.